The checking business is more than just checking business

We are in the unique position of being able to offer our clients programs that can make a real difference to their bottom line. Leveraging the robust data afforded us through our system, we are able to offer three unique programs to help you grow your account base and provide more robust service to your existing account holders.

Main Street Programs

The Main Street Business Recapture Program

More than 80% of businesses report that the relationship with their financial institution is their most important provider relationship. And 81% of businesses state that their checking account is the most important service provided by their financial institution. Many have discovered that their business accounts are buying checks and related products from third parties rather than their financial institution, effectively cutting a critical touch point from the business relationship. The Main Street Business Recapture Program is an inexpensive service that allows you to reconnect with those businesses and reestablish your provider relationship while increasing revenue and account retention.

The Main Street Customer Acquisition Program

Financial institutions are functioning in a highly competitive market, and consumer research is often their top marketing investment (when they can afford it). Community-based organizations want access to this business intelligence, but most do not have the resources to conduct much-needed quantitative research to: determine the profile of their ideal account holder, find similar prospects for new account generation, and discover the right message and delivery medium for reaching them. The Main Street Consumer Acquisition Program provides you with access to customized analytics and actionable plans at an affordable price.

The Main Street Preferred Business Program

The Main Street Preferred Business Program is designed for financial institutions needing support with ordering business checking products. Our designated business-support team offers expert advice and assistance to your business accounts, improving their on-boarding experience, enhancing their relationship with you, and, consequently, improving your retention. In addition to having this highly skilled team at your disposal, you also receive helpful printed and digital collateral to help you make your new business client’s experience a success.