Our 3–Tier Client Support Team:

Tier 1: The Sales Executive

Your Sales Executive visits with you to make sure that we understand and deliver around your check program strategy. In this initial interaction, we ensure that we understand your pricing models and your goals for your checking program before transitioning you to your Account Manager.

Tier 2: The Account Manager

Your Account Manager will help you navigate through our simple set-up process, conduct regular phone calls and in-person partnership reviews to discuss your program results and ensure that we are meeting the goals established by you and your Sales Executive.

Tier 3: The Client Services Representative

Your Client Services Representative (CSR) performs your initial training sessions and assesses your financial institutions changing needs through monthly phone calls. Your CSR also provides daily support and answers any questions you might have.

Getting Started

You can become a Main Street client in four easy steps.

Step One: Your Sales Executive visits with you to determine your check program strategy and pricing models before facilitating a smooth and easy transition to your Account Manager.

Step Two: Your Account Manager conducts a quick, 45‐minute set-up call and gathers the necessary information to set up your financial institution in our order-entry system.

Step Three: Our corporate office sends you check samples so that you can approve your financial institution’s MICR and logo.

Step Four: Your Account Manager introduces you to your very own Client Services Representative who will walk you through a one-hour training session so that you are confident in our order entry system.

Note: Main Street has no menu-driven phone lines, a real person will answer.